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Keep Kids Safe

We are Parents, Neighbors, Community Members, and Kirkland Stakeholders that support finding solutions for the homeless but not at the risk of our kids. 

King County and the City of Kirkland in secret approved and the County purchased a facility to be used as low-barrier Permanent Supportive Housing for the homeless that is adjacent to Eastside Preparatory School, and very close to Chestnut Montessori School, Yarrow Bay KinderCare and Cedar Crest Academy.   No other King County facility for the homeless, especially a low-barrier one, is that close to a school. 

King County willfully and egregiously violated its own ordinance and the public trust by not following its own detailed step-by-step public site evaluation process and did not hold a public meeting prior to purchase as was required by its own ordinance.  Our governments should not be allowed to disregard their own rules and laws.  They must be held accountable.

This facility will not have meaningful vetting and rejection of possible residents, such as those with past convictions of violent crime or past convictions of drug abuse and will not refuse residency to those charged with a sex crime but not yet convicted.  Other facilities similar to that being proposed at La Quinta have had problems with drugs, violence and prostitution and damage and disruption to neighboring properties.  

It is very common that Cities and Counties in their zoning codes insist on buffers between schools and uses that might pose a risk to children.  Even cities as large as Los Angeles have put buffers between the homeless and schools and it is grossly irresponsible that The City of Kirkland and King County are not doing this.  Over 5,000 parents, neighbors and community members have signed a petition asking Kirkland to impose safe buffers between facilities for the homeless and schools. 

It is wrong that King County and The City of Kirkland do not follow their own rules and laws.  Keep Kids Safe has filed a lawsuit to enforce the ordinance and keep our kids safe.

What we are asking from you – please join over 5,000 community members in signing a petition asking the City of Kirkland and King County to impose safe buffers between facilities for the homeless and schools.

We want to help the homeless but not at the risk to our kids.   Please help us keep our kids safe.