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Keep Our Kids Safe: No Low Barrier
Housing Next to Schools

A low-barrier homeless facility is being placed next door to three schools and a daycare in Kirkland. We need your help!
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What is happening?

King County plans to use the former La Quinta Hotel next to Eastside Preparatory School, Chestnut Montessori School, Yarrow Bay KinderCare and Cedar Crest Academy as an adult-only, low-barrier permanent housing facility. This means individuals using this facility will not undergo standard background checks or be required to be in a drug or alcohol treatment program. No other King County facility of this type is in the immediate vicinity of any school, let alone three schools and a daycare!

Similar facilities around the county and in other cities have seen a significant increase in localized crime and calls for emergency and police services. Neither the City of Kirkland nor King County has a plan in place to protect our kids. In fact, no plan can protect kids that are 50 feet from a low barrier facility. This is not acceptable, and we need your help.

What can you do?

1. Send an email by using this form.  It will send an email to the Kirkland City Council, King County Council, and King County Executive Dow Constantine to tell them locating an adult-only low barrier facility next to schools  is not acceptable.

2. Contribute to Keep Kids Safe to help pay for the cost of legal action and public outreach.

Join us Today and make your voice heard.  It’s not too late!  Join us to tell Kirkland and King County elected officials that locating next to schools is not safe and not ok.  

Join us to tell them that they need to move the proposed unsafe facility away from the La Quinta Hotel in Kirkland. Move it away from our schools. 

Join us to tell them that low barrier facilities should have buffers to schools and other vulnerable communities. 

Kirkland and King County elected officials rushed this through, behind closed doors and without the required, open, public process. They need to push the “pause” button, hear from the community and make these decisions the right way.  Hear from the community first and then act. 

A low-barrier facility should be at least 1,000 feet from schools and daycares. One of the adjacent schools has ZERO feet of separation. It literally shares the same property line. That’s not ok.

We hope you will make a donation to Keep Kids Safe, a non-profit corporation to help fund legal actions, and community outreach efforts to stop King County and the City of Kirkland from locating an adult-only low barrier housing facility adjacent to schools.   Any unspent funds will be donated to local causes assisting the homeless.  

We need your help so please donate today.